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Melanoma Angel Network, Inc.

a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization


we are here to offer:


Melanoma Angel Network is a COMMUNITY of individuals and partners committed to improving the lives of those affected by Melanoma. We recognize that the battle with Melanoma involves more than just the patient and we are here to support ALL the people involved (the survivors, current patients, those who have passed, and all the friends, family, and caregivers) collectively the “Angel Network”.


Our Mission

The Melanoma Angel Network is a 501(c) 3 charity organization dedicated to improving the lives of those IMPACTED by Melanoma (but inclusive of all types of Cancers). Unlike any other charity organization, the Melanoma Angel Network is the world’s only non-profit focused on supporting the lives of the friends, family, caregivers, loved ones, and the extended “Community” and “Network” of patients affected by cancer.

− We know first-hand that the battle with Cancer is not only a PATIENT battle.

− Nobody should struggle through watching a loved one battle cancer alone.

− We have experienced the value of an extended “Community” offering support.

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Our Programs

The Melanoma Angel Network is a community driven organization dedicated to fostering positive relationships, friendships, and support in even the most complicated of times.  We are committed to bringing people together, all from one common thread, we know what it is like to struggle through a life where cancer is present.  Melanoma Angel Network will grow to become recognized for our commitment to providing the best and most appropriate events for our target market. 


Annual Community Galas

The Melanoma Angel Network will host one (1) annual event to bring together our immediate and extended communities. These events will utilize the best our local communities have to offer and will bring unparalleled entertainment experiences.

Youth Based events

The Melanoma Angel Network will host youth based events allowing the expertise from our Annual Community Gala and Community Building Events to inspire the next-generation of Supporters.

Community Building Events

The Melanoma Angel Network will host regular (quarterly) events allowing our communities to continue to socialize, network, and expand. We believe these community building events will serve as a critical factor in our expanding network of support.

Buddy Program

The Melanoma Angel Network will facilitate and offer a mentoring program designed to offer one on one advising and healing to the youth that often so desperately needs nothing more than an adult to listen.