Our Impact

As a non-profit corporation, shortly after the “what do you do?” question, comes the “great, but where does my money go?” question.  While we can all agree, the idea of providing support for each other is worthy enough a cause for our time, effort, and money we are designed to support three (3) categories of cause, learn more by clicking below:



Charity partners

The ultimate goal is the eradication of Cancer from all of our lives and together we work to FIND A CURE. We have partnered with the 5+ international non-profits serving various needs including funding of research, advancements in treatment options, and various patient-centric support services.  30% of all funds raised by the Melanoma Angel Network are invested back into our Charity Partners with our 2 largest global partners being the Melanoma Research Foundation (www.melanoma.org) and the Skin Cancer Foundation (www.skincancer.org).




The most valuable thing we can do as a community is to create and support an entire generation of youth so that they never had to struggle as we have.  We lived it, we learned from it, we must work to ensure it does not happen again. Through the year we will host a minimum of 12 community support programs designed to directly benefiting those impacted by Cancer.



new conversations started

As a non-profit for the cause is to serve as a vocal “mouthpiece” for the disease.  It is said that 1 in 5 people have Skin Cancer, however my generation refuses to talk about it.  Through our EDUCATION, ADVOCACY, AND OUTREACH efforts and by removing the stigma of “cancer” we believe we can lead to earlier awareness, earlier detection, and longer lives.