Our Programs


As a non-profit corporation, shortly after the “what do you do?” question, comes the “great, but where does my money go?” question.  While we can all agree, the idea of providing support for each other is worthy enough a cause for our time, effort, and money we (Melanoma Angel Network) recognize the value of having tangible benefits and programs we can point to which showcase our best efforts. 

Annual community gala

The Melanoma Angel Network was founded on the idea of creating life changing events to honor the friends, families, caregivers, and loved ones (“Supporters”) of cancer patients. These events will be designed, developed, and organized to allow these Supporters to build positive relationships and lifelong friendships by being surrounded by people that are committed to supporting one another. These ticketed events will serve as an opportunity to interact directly with our community while providing the infrastructure and atmosphere to foster truly organic relationships of support.

The annual event will be focused on creating, expanding, and entertaining the community that makes up the Melanoma Angel Network via our own take of a “New York style” gala but emphasizing the “cool” and “casual” characteristics common with Los Angeles.  We will utilize the best venues in the greater Los Angeles area, we will bring the best entertainment, and we will offer events designed to appeal to all walks of life. 

Please stay tuned for additional information regarding our first event in March 2019.


March 16, 2019


Dodger Stadium

Los Angeles, Ca


Community building events

A community is inadequate if you are reliant on one annual event, and we do not believe one awesome evening does enough to truly create the community we aspire to become. The idea for quarterly events is to provide the “one-night escape” feeling that so core to our mission…but on a more frequent, realistic, and affordable basis.  I envision these events encompass a variety of options and opportunities such as wine tasting trips, brewery tours, restaurant takeovers, golf outings, 5k-10k runs, etc.  We are determined to becoming a brand people look forward to sharing with their friends, families, coworkers, and others who may benefit from our mission.

By continuing to offer events throughout the year on a semi-regular basis we will be able to grow and extend our network eventually reaching the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th degree connections which may be the most meaningful relationships of all. 


Quarterly - TBD


Greater Los Angeles Area


Youth Based Events

The most valuable thing we can do as a community is to create and support an entire generation of youth so that they never had to struggle as we have.  We lived it, we learned from it, we must work to ensure it does not happen again. 

Much like the network effect of our “events” we will be responsible for organizing and offering fun events for a community of kids impacted by cancer (think group sporting events, group team-building, group bowling, etc.) By utilizing the best of social media technology we can serve as a conduit allowing the youth to build and foster relationships outside of their normal life experiences. We envision a future where we allow even just one child to find a friend who knows their struggle and are willing to open up and share life lessons like a modern day pen-pal.


Summer 2019


Greater Los Angeles Area