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Our Story

When I was just 19 years old I lost my best friend, my role model, my mother, my everything.  This October (October 31, 2018) will be ten (10) years since my Mom passed from this world and over the last decade (plus) I have regularly been asked how does one manage/deal/cope/survive something as tragic as this. 

“Tyler, how do you survive something like that?”

I have battled, struggled and fought with this question for far far too long… but I finally know the answer.

I survived because I had to.  I survived because my mom wanted me to.  I survived because my family’s journey through (her) cancer became so much more.  Speaking to the strength and personality of my mom, we soon developed a unique approach to this struggle, rather than hide and retreat we treated every day as a treasure, a blessing. Ultimately, we recognized and celebrated the importance of sharing this mindset with others.  Over time we had created a “community” of people (of friends, of family, of neighbors, of loved ones) who cared so deeply about my Mom that they struggled, as she struggled…we had created a “network” of people who at the drop of a hat were there for my mom, and my whole family, no questions asked.  We had created a network of “Angels”. 

In everything I did, in every breath I took, in every accomplishment (big or small), in every night I cried myself to sleep the “Angel Network” was there.  I became strong!  I became brave!  I made every possible effort to embody the traits I oh so admired in my Mom.


"The Melanoma Angel Network is so much more than just a charity, this organization offers support to an entire segment of the population that often needs it the most.”

— Jay Todd Max, Volunteer


It has taken me ten (10) years since my mom’s passing to realize this.  It has taken me nearly two (2) decades to figure out what it is I wanted to do and how I would ever be able to give back and honor my mom.  I have figured it out, I finally have the answer… I will recreate this community, this “Angel Network”…but this time on a GLOBAL SCALE.

That is my goal, that is my vision, that is my purpose.  I want the world to know that no matter how high or how low you are at this very moment we are all bonded together through something as awful as cancer… and thank god for that.

Through the Melanoma Angel Network, you will never have to be alone!