So how do we help…

I remember a childhood filled with fun, laughter, family, friends, and doctor’s offices. Lots and lots of doctor’s offices. Between all of these doctors and the unpredictable schedule Cancer brings even the most basic necessities of life became burdensome tasks; grocery shopping required assistance, personal time was non-existent, and what was a teenage boy supposed to know about “prom". Cancer was absolutely life changing and forced me to face things no child should have to experience (i.e. how to read PET scans, the fastest ways to navigate Southern California freeways, and the true meaning of mortality) but my daily life was much the same. We enjoyed home cooked meals like the rest of the population, we were actively involved in athletics and our community, and our studies were always of critical importance we enjoyed many of the luxuries of a healthy parent. However, we clearly did not have a healthy Mother. The difference is we always had the Angel Network.

With our Calling All Angels program we want to leverage the best of what worked for us, the best technologies, and the best Cancer Support Community to recreate the love and support that allowed my family to flourish.


Familial SUpport

The concept of “support” can take many shapes and forms. Through our experience and technology we can identify the specific forms of help that provide the most meaningful results. Whether that mean we offer a car ride to or from school, a buddy to accompany basic errands, experienced moral support, and/or a night out to simply remind yourself of the simple joys in life.

Our Cancer Support Community is here to help!


We will connect our Angel Network community with sponsored families in need of a home cooked meal. We will conduct a thorough screening of our sponsored families to fully understand dietary restrictions, preferred appetites, and potential comfort associated food items. Then rely our own Angel Network community to provide the most appropriate, most convenient meal service possible.

Cancer does not mean you lose the family time notorious with meal time!




One of the simplest ways to support a family are often the things that can be seamlessly included in our daily lives. With a hectic schedule of doctor appointments, work schedules, children’s plans, and the overwhelming chaos that cancer brings simple tasks like grocery shopping often take a back sear.

We activate our Angel Network community to assist with basic familial tasks by simply buying one more, loaf of bread.